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Relax with reflexology and pedicures


At Sole Indulgence you can receive services such as manicures, pedicures, facial rejuvenation massage, nail advice and reflexology.


It's a well known fact that people who take time out for themselves all cope with stress and illness a lot better. It's proven that reflexology not only feels great but is good for you.


My aim at Sole Indulgence is to give you the chance to balance your lifestyle better and more efficiently.


Our relaxing atmosphere


The treatment room has been designed to be welcoming and comfortable. It's the ideal environment whether you want to look and feel healthier or simply to de-stress and relax.


It has always been my goal to offer the very best treatments and a professional yet friendly service.


It's All About The Experience!


Firstly it's all about time and how these days we are all time poor.


Secondly who wants to drive to the city or a shopping centre, only to increase your stress levels when you find there are no parking spaces available? At Sole Indulgence I have plenty of parking.


Sole Indulgence is a home based business that is situated in a quiet, private area. It is beautifully furnished with a resort type of feel.


It has a more personal and friendly atmosphere about it. When you arrive you will hear a background of soothing music playing and your senses will take in the various aromas from burning candles and you will immediately begin to unwind.


Depending on what sort of foot treatment you are having, you will be offered tea, coffee and homemade treats to indulge on.


Be pampered


The client chair has been ergonomically designed for total relaxation and will have you dozing in minutes.


Whether you are having reflexology or a pedicure, you will definitely leave with a feeling of inner-peace and sheer indulgence.