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Get your foot massage and pedicure from a professional


What you can expect from your pedicure


There is nothing nicer than to have a professional reflexologist massage your feet; one who knows all the right spots to touch, to immediately relax and unwind you with the use of scented creams, and then knowing that your nails, heels and cuticles are being treated professionally and hygienically.


Classic Pedicure (1 hour - $80):


Feet are soaked and exfoliated, heels buffed, nails trimmed, and your feet are given a short massage. Then your nails are finished in a colour of your choice from my large selection of this season's latest colours.


Self-indulgent Pedicure (75 mins - $100):


Feet are soaked and exfoliated, heels de-brided and buffed, nails trimmed, both your legs and feet are massaged, and paraffin is applied to your feet. Then your nails are finished in a colour of your choice.


Handy hint: Ladies, if you remove your existing polish before arriving, then your massage will be longer!


You will be reassured that as many of my products as possible do not contain any nasty chemicals, and most of my range is also vegan friendly. The creams that I use all have certified organic essential oils.


After your pedicure has finished, you will be amazed how beautifully manicured your feet look and you will notice a sense of wellbeing and yet at the same time a confidence that your feet have never looked better.


If you require a maintenance plan or any nail advice there are lots of simple steps you can do to maintain your feet between your regular pedicure sessions.