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What is Reflexology and how does it work?


A good reflexology treatment can be deeply relaxing, allowing tension to ebb out of the entire body. Muscles loosen up and the blood circulates more freely, bringing nutrients to every cell of the body.


Reflexologists can work on specific pressure points to counteract stress and to bolster the body's immune system against its ill-effects. Reflexology can break down the blockages in our body brought on by anxiety, depression, stress and ill health.


It works exceptionally well on all these areas as well as headaches, backache, colds, flus, PMS, migraines, asthma and can assist post heart attack / stroke victims. It can be very useful for children who suffer with restless legs and growing pains.


The elderly also benefit from this modality by helping with diabetes, blood pressure and poor circulation.


All reflexology sessions should be followed up with plenty of water as this helps eliminate toxins in the body..


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A Reflexology Session


At your first treatment you will be asked a few questions about your health and lifestyle. I will find out if you are suffering from any colds or illnesses at present, so that the treatment can be focused on that particular area of the body. If not, a general reflexology session will begin.


I may suggest using a particular combination of essential oils to massage the feet that will help with relaxation or recovery from an illness. I will make sure you are comfortable and then begin to relax your foot in preparation for working the reflex areas.


The first session will often last an hour. This gives time to relax your mind and body, and pinpoint any problem areas.


I will explain the best course of action to help you achieve your health goals, and the number of sessions it will require to notice some improvement. You may notice even after the first session that you are sleeping much better and feel generally more balanced than before.