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"Sole Indulgence" - what a perfect meaning to a perfect feeling. My tired hairdressing feet beg me to visit Carolyn once a month.


Once I enter her beautiful relaxed studio and lay on that chair, my toes let go to the peaceful music, wonderful aromas and skillful foot massage.


Carolyn's reflexology skills can clear away all my aches and pains. She can pinpoint a problem anywhere in my body and with skillful massage, release and balance my energy levels again.


I feel wonderful, more alive...... like walking on puffy white clouds.


Good luck with the business Carolyn, you're a true friend, sending everyone your way.

Patricia McCann




I have been a client of Carolyn's for five years and I always look forward to my visits because they are totally relaxing experiences.


Her work is highly professional, and I recommend a visit to Sole Indulgence to sample the relaxing and pampering treatments.


Her room is warm and inviting and furnished tastefully. It makes you feel like you are at a day spa on holidays somewhere.


Everyone deserves a visit to Sole Indulgence.


Lynette Byrne