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Cold and Flu Season


Are you always the one in the office with the cold and flu symptoms? Did you know that reflexology reduces stress and builds up your immune system, so that your body can fight off those winter germs?


Reflexology boosts the lymphatic function, improves circulation and detoxifies the body.


Also, washing your hands, eating healthy foods, increasing your zinc and Vitamin C intake, and getting plenty of exercise and fresh air will all help to keep those nasty germs under control.


Once the body becomes stressed, then the immune system is weak and generally sickness will follow. However regular reflexology and a healthy diet will help to keep you free of colds and flu this season.


Handy hint - If you do find yourself sick this winter with cold and flu symptoms then having someone massage either Vicks Vaporub or my famous cold and flu mix onto the balls of your feet will always ensure a restful night's sleep.