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Relax and be pampered with reflexology / pedicure in Aspley, Brisbane


Are you having trouble keeping pace with all the stress that comes with everyday life?


Do you take the time to either pamper or unwind often? Most people find that they donít!


It's a well known fact that people who take time out for themselves all cope with stress and illness a lot better. It's proven that reflexology not only feels great but is good for you.


Self Love = Reflexology


Quote from jessicaestrada.netWhen was the last time you let yourself indulge on self love?


Self love improves every aspect of your life.


Reflexology is a natural form of self love and is one of the most popular ways to not only feel better, but the results speak for themselves.


Reflexology is all about touch, and how, in todayís society, touch has taken a huge back seat.


The benefits of regular reflexology are:

* helps to calm the busy chatter in our mind

* gives more clarity & elevates our moods

* improves stress levels

* quality of sleep is better

* great benefit for people suffering with depression, trauma and the loss of a loved one


If you've been feeling flat or lost for a while, why not give reflexology a try?


Price List

EFTPOS now available!

1 hour Reflexology: $80

45 mins Reflexology: $65

1 hour Classic Pedicure $80 (See details here)

75 mins Self-indulgent Pedicure: $100
(Full description here)

1 hour Facial Rejuvenation Massage $90


Classic Pedicure and
30 mins Reflexology $120 (a saving of $10)

90 Minute Package -
Combines Reflexology & Facial Rejuvenation Massage $130


Paraffin for Hands
or Feet $20

Manicure $50

I also offer Gift Vouchers and a mobile service.

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My aim at Sole Indulgence is to give you the chance to balance your lifestyle better and more efficiently.


The treatment room has been designed to be welcoming and comfortable. It's the ideal environment whether you want to look and feel healthier or simply to de-stress and relax.


It has always been my goal to offer the very best treatments and a professional yet friendly service. At Sole Indulgence you can receive services such as manicures, pedicures, facial rejuvenation massage, nail advice, and reflexology.


It's All About The Experience!

Our relaxing atmosphereFirstly it's all about time and how these days we are all time poor.


Secondly who wants to drive to the city or a shopping centre, only to increase your stress levels when you find there are no parking spaces available? At Sole Indulgence I have plenty of parking.


Client chair for ultimate reflexology and pedicure pamperingSole Indulgence is a home based business that is situated in a quiet, private area. It is beautifully furnished with a resort type of feel. It has a more personal and friendly atmosphere about it.


When you arrive you will hear a background of soothing music playing and your senses will take in the various aromas from burning candles and you will immediately begin to unwind.


Depending on what sort of foot treatment you are having, you will be offered tea, coffee and homemade treats to indulge on.


The client chair has been ergonomically designed for total relaxation and will have you dozing in minutes.


Whether you are having reflexology or a pedicure, you will definitely leave with a feeling of inner-peace and sheer indulgence.


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What is Reflexology and how does it work?


Flower wall hanging sets the relaxed tone for the roomA good reflexology treatment can be deeply relaxing, allowing tension to ebb out of the entire body. Muscles loosen up and the blood circulates more freely, bringing nutrients to every cell of the body.


Reflexologists can work on specific pressure points to counteract stress and to bolster the bodyís immune system against its ill-effects. Reflexology can break down the blockages in our body brought on by anxiety, depression, stress and ill health.


It works exceptionally well on all these areas as well as headaches, backache, colds, flus, PMS, migraines, asthma and can assist post heart attack / stroke victims. It can be very useful for children who suffer with restless legs and growing pains.


The elderly also benefit from this modality by helping with diabetes, blood pressure and poor circulation.
All reflexology sessions should be followed up with plenty of water as this helps eliminate toxins in the body.


"Carolyn's reflexology skills can clear away all my aches and pains." Patricia

(... more here)



A Reflexology Session


New wall hangingAt your first treatment you will be asked a few questions about your health and lifestyle. I will find out if you are suffering from any colds or illnesses at present, so that the treatment can be focused on that particular area of the body. If not, a general reflexology session will begin.


I may suggest using a particular combination of essential oils to massage the feet that will help with relaxation or recovery from an illness. I will make sure you are comfortable and then begin to relax your foot in preparation for working the reflex areas.


The first session will often last an hour. This gives time to relax your mind and body, and pinpoint any problem areas.


I will explain the best course of action to help you achieve your health goals, and the number of sessions it will require to notice some improvement. You may notice even after the first session that you are sleeping much better and feel generally more balanced than before.


"I always look forward to my visits because they are totally relaxing experiences." Lynette (... more here)



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What You Can Expect From Your Pedicure

Get your foot massage and pedicure from a professionalThere is nothing nicer than to have a professional reflexologist massage your feet; one who knows all the right spots to touch, to immediately relax and unwind you with the use of scented creams, and then knowing that your nails, heels and cuticles are being treated professionally and hygienically.


Classic Pedicure (1 hour - $80):


Feet are soaked and exfoliated, heels buffed, nails trimmed, and your feet are given a short massage. Then your nails are finished in a colour of your choice from my large selection of this season's latest colours.


Self-indulgent Pedicure (75 mins - $100):


Feet are soaked and exfoliated, heels de-brided and buffed, nails trimmed, both your legs and feet are massaged, and paraffin is applied to your feet. Then your nails are finished in a colour of your choice.


Handy hint: Ladies, if you remove your existing polish before arriving, then your massage will be longer!


You will be reassured that as many of my products as possible do not contain any nasty chemicals, and most of my range is also vegan friendly. The creams that I use all have certified organic essential oils.


After your pedicure has finished, you will be amazed how beautifully manicured your feet look and you will notice a sense of wellbeing and yet at the same time a confidence that your feet have never looked better.


If you require a maintenance plan or any nail advice there are lots of simple steps you can do to maintain your feet between your regular pedicure sessions.


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Contact Details

Business Name:

Sole Indulgence
Contact Name: Carolyn Stone
Mobile Number: 0407 152 059
Email Contact:
or send an email to info at
Hours: Tuesday and Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am to 7:00pm
Thursday 9:00am to 4:00pm
Saturday morning appointments are by special arrangement only
and attract an additional $20 fee
Street Address:


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Map to Ferrier St, Aspley on the north side of Brisbane29 Ferrier Street
Aspley Qld 4034
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Specialising in pedicures and reflexology. Health fund rebates available.